Helping You CREATE RHYTHMS & ROUTINES that will take you from STRESSED OUT to

Nourished Mom: Noun
1. A Mom who seeks out the substances necessary for spiritual growth and mental & physical health.

Find the nourishment you need to GROW WITH GOD into  the joyful, peaceful mom you were created you to be

Are you stressed by all of the things demanding your attention?
Are you exhausted from trying to do it all?
Would you like time for rest, peace and the things you love to do?

It's Time to Step into the Nourished Life that God has Planned for You

God promises His followers a life of peace, spiritual rest, joy and hope!

(Yes, even in this crazy busy season of your life!)

You are not meant to struggle through your days tired and stressed out.

God has so much more for you!

He’s calling you to thrive and flourish spiritually, mentally and physically - even when the kids are tugging on you and you feel like you have a million things to do.

BUT HOW?! ...


The Nourished Mom's courses and coaching programs

will teach you how to PARTNER WITH GOD to CREATE RHYTHMS & ROUTINES in your life that CULTIVATE JOY, PEACE and satisfaction! 

With a focus on practical skills and realistic ways to apply them to YOUR life, our programs equip you to make the changes that will

enable your family to thrive. 

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"At The Nourished Mom, my goal is to teach you to nourish your whole self so you can step into the full life that God is calling you to."
Brandy Coffin: Nutritional Therapist & Christian Wellness Coach

"Being a Mom is complicated... It's demanding, stressful, exhausting and beautiful all at the same time! I'm passionate about helping you find true peace through the chaos by empowering you to implement new routines and habits that will support your spiritual, physical & mental health so you can be the patient, peaceful, joyful mom that God created you to be. "
Nourish Your Spirit with God's Truth
Change Starts in the Heart and it Requires the Work of the Holy Spirit!
When we are able to see our circumstances and situations through the lens of God's truth it changes EVERYTHING!
Suddenly, you can take on whatever life throws your way with grace.
Nourish Your Mind with Practical Skills & Effective Strategies
Transformation Comes Through
Real Life Application.
At The Nourished Mom I teach you the skills and strategies necessary to bring order and peace to your life & home and how to apply them to your real life situations!
  • Applying God's Truths
  • Strategies for Time Management
  • Strategies for Stress Management
  • Strategies for Habit Change
  • Changing Mindset and Thought Patterns
All Through the Lens of Biblical Truth!
Nourish Your Body with Real Food made Easy
When We Feel Well, We Live Well & Love Well.

What you eat effects your energy, mood and so much more!

At The Nourished Mom healthy eating is easy and manageable. And I help you figure out how to best nourish YOUR body so you can thrive, not just survive!