Hi, I'm Brandy!
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner turned Christian Wellness Coach

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The Nourished Mom was birthed from my own journey to feel well and be the mom and wife I was created to be...

It started with a trial, but God used that season of my life and turned it into something so beautiful.

Now, I'm on an amazing journey with God as I grow as a mother and a wife and I want to invite you to come along! 

My Journey

My journey to The Nourished Mom began after having my second son. I started experiencing health symptoms that my doctors couldn't explain.  I was tired. I didn't feel well. I didn't feel like myself. I wanted answers. But my doctors kept telling me there was nothing 'wrong'. So, I decided to take my health into my own hands and began researching for myself.
My research led me to the Nutritional Therapy Association and I went back to school to become a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.
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I experienced intense healing through Nutritional Therapy AND I learned how to coach others to heal themselves too. I learned the skills and techniques to help myself and my clients form  new habits and routines that bring health and wellness.

BUT GOD didn't stop there! I experienced an even deeper healing, one that was not only physical, but spiritual, mental and emotional, as I walked with God through this experience and learned to depend on Him.  

God used my health struggles to help me grow  and to propel me to make changes I wouldn't have made otherwise... Changes like going back to school, leaving my job and starting a Nutritional Therapy Practice!

I'm in awe of how God has used my journey to direct me toward His plans for my life. What started as Nutritional Therapy coaching has grown into something I never expected...
As I coached women in Nutritional Therapy, time and time again our coaching uncovered deeper foundational beliefs and habits that needed to be addressed in order to bring about the changes my clients were looking for. 

God kept calling me to apply His truths and guidance to my coaching; to let His word be the foundation and motivation for all that I taught. As I followed the path God was calling me down...

Now, I EMPOWER WOMEN LIKE YOU to take the steps to GROW WITH GOD into the mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend that He is calling them to be.

I teach Christian moms how to NOURISH their bodies with real food, their minds with practical skills and their spirits with God's truths.

I give YOU the tools and strategies to APPLY GOD'S WISDOM to your life, to defeat stress & overwhelm and CULTIVATE PEACE, hope and joy.

                             In Love and Health, 
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