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Abundant Nourishment: My Work as a Nutritional Therapist

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

I’m super excited to announce the opening my Nutritional Therapy practice, Abundant Nourishment. As many of my friends and family know, I graduated in June (2018) as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Yay! My belief and vision behind Abundant Nourishment is that God has provided the natural resources (think whole foods, herbs and oils etc.) we need to nourish our bodies and when we utilize these remedies our health flourishes.

When I tell my friends about my new practice they have many questions. They wonder what exactly I do and who I work with. So, I wanted to explain what it is I do as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP).

As an NTP I’m trained to access a client’s overall health and recognize areas that need to be brought back into balance. Basically, I figure out how to make you feel your bestJ. Like all practitioners that follow the holistic approach to health, I believe that when symptoms manifest (like low energy, headaches, digestive distress, allergies, signs of autoimmune disease, whatever they may be), that it is a result of something in the body not functioning properly. It is basic science, the body is designed to function a certain way to maintain homeostasis. When the body cannot function the way it should, we start noticing ‘symptoms’ – our bodies way of telling us something is wrong! Most modern medical approaches focus on reducing or eliminating the symptom. But that doesn’t fix the problem and only makes the way for more symptoms to manifest. By analyzing the basic foundations of good health, investigating the client’s health history, symptoms and current diet I aim to find where things went off track and how to get things working the way they should; eliminating the current symptoms and preventing further deterioration (and therefore, more symptoms).

Getting the body back into balance is going to start with a properly prepared, nutrient dense diet. Every cell in the body is dependent on nutrients to perform the necessary functions, from mood regulation to metabolism and everything in between. When the proper nutrients are not available either due to poor diet or poor digestion, these processes start to break down. The body wants to heal, to get rid of excess weight and remain in balance, the way it was designed to – you just have to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to work properly!

Nutritional Therapy is based on bio-individuality. Bio- what? Bio-individuality is a fancy way of saying that we are all biologically different. We have different genes, different lifestyles, different health histories and are in different seasons of life. Therefore, our body’s needs are different. That’s why there is no one diet that is right for everyone. Some people thrive on paleo diets or keto diets or autoimmune diets… some people find that none of these diets work for them. As I work with my clients, we figure out what each individual body needs to heal and thrive, this will include foods and may include supplements too.

My fundamental goal as a Nutritional Therapist is to empower my clients to become knowledgeable about and responsible for their own health. Unlike many nutritionists, I don’t just tell my clients what they should be eating and send them on their way; I work with my clients together as a team to create a plan that works for their lifestyle. My programs are based on three pillars: 1. Nutrition education and diet modification 2. Tools to help my clients’ access and understand their own bodies 3. Motivation, Inspiration, goal setting and accountability.

I work with all types of health issues. From seemingly simple things like low energy and headaches to the more complex, like digestive disorders and autoimmune disease. No matter how complex or simple, everything is connected and can be traced back to an imbalance on a foundational level.

My clients are primarily women, because that’s what I know best. Women are such an integral part of our society, holding down the homestead and conquering the working world. Much of the family and community dynamic rests upon the shoulders of women. I believe that when we feel our best we are able to give our all. My motto is “Feel well to love well”. I want to empower women to nourish themselves so they have the energy to love and nourish their families, their communities and whoever else they may influence.

So, there you have it - that is what Abundant Nourishment is all about. I hope I can be a source of inspiration to everyone I encounter; inspiring them to nourish their bodies and encouraging them to follow their dreams. If you’d like to learn more about Nutritional Therapy visit my website at abundantnourishment.com

In love and health,


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