Introducing The Grow with God Coaching Membership
by The Nourished Mom
Find Strategy, Focus & Intention to Enable you to
He created you to be!


As a Christan mama you are empowered to be patient, joyful, gentle and kind!


But when the stress of life piles up you feel anything BUT patient and kind. WHAT GIVES?!

GROWING WITH GOD takes a commitment on your part!

You need to intentionally APPLY GOD'S TRUTHS to your life. 

Mother and Son

The Grow with God Coaching Membership compiles all the tools & strategies I've aquired as a coach, along with all I've learned through my theological studies at SEBTS, (plus all the lessons God has been teaching me along the way) to give you clear steps that will create habits and routines that keep you growing WITH God. 

Are you ready to GROW WITH GOD into the patient, hopeful, calm mama He created you to be?! 

Coffee with Friends

Join the Community of Nourished Moms!
Group Coaching offers the benefits of a personal coach, PLUS you get the added benefit of working with a community of like-minded women who provide support, encouragement and collective wisdom to empower you to stretch and develop to your full potential. We are created for fellowship: Nurture your need for community, be inspired and uplifted, share your wins and losses with friends who understand your journey.

Coaching Membership Options

$27/ Month

  • Monthly Coaching Lesson Delivered in audio format so you can listen on-the-go, while folding laundry, on a walk, or whatever fits into your life!   

  • Step-by-Step Exercises to help you strategially apply what you've learned

  • Printble Coaching  Worksheets

  • Weekly Accoutability E-mails to Keep You on Track

  • Access to the  Exclusive FB Community 

$47/ Month

All of the BASICS PLUS...

  • 2 Group Coaching Sessions each month (an $80 value!) where you'll develop your very own strategy w/ specific tasks & goals to help you grow. Sessions will be recorded for replay and posted in your membership area.

  • A personal Accountability Partner to increase follow through  & promote community

$97/ Month

All of the PLUS  AND...


  • One Hour One-on-One Coaching Session each month (an additional $80 value!) where you'll gain personalized action plan to give you clarity & focus to work through whatever life challenges you are facing

  • Access to all of The Nourished Mom's workshops!

  • (Availability limited to one Premier member each month)

Grow w/ God PLUS

Grow w/ God PREMIER

Grow w/ God BASIC

Money Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that the GROW WITH GOD COACHING MEMBERSHIP will empower you to partner with God to create a way of life that brings peace, joy and satisfaction that I'll give you 3 months to put it to the test.  


Here's how it works...



After you join today, enjoy 3 months of group coaching; absorb it all, let it transform your life, do the homework, attend the coaching sessions. If, by the end of 3 months, you still have not seen the fruit of your work, just contact me, show me that you did your homework, and I'll be happy to completely refund your whole investment.


I'm able to do this simply because everyone that has done the work has seen a huge shift in their life! 

3 month money back.jpg